There are tons of information products, tutorials, and even one-on-one coaching programs on SEO, PPC advertising, SMM and affiliate marketing. But still there are several topics that are ignored in nearly all of these courses. I intend to shed some light on one such topic in this post- bounce rates.

Many professional SEOs think that bounce rate is trivial matter and that it will all fall into place when everything else falls into place. That is not true. Everything comes right when the little trivial stuff fall into place. Sure, you can get to the top of Google without paying attention to bounce rates- but you sure as hell need to set it right if you mean to stay there for a while. Bounce rate is one of the most important factors in determining the user experience of a site. If your site has a very big bounce rate,
Big Google looks at it in the following ways:

-You have useless stuff on the site

-What you have on your site is not what the visitors are actually looking for

-your User Experience is too poor.

In all three instances, Google will come to the conclusion that your site doesn’t deserve to be on the top. Having good bounce rates – that is, a low bounce rate, is essential for you business too. I am an affiliate marketer, and the conversion rates on my site are more or less directly proportional to the bounce rates on my website. Making the content much more readable and interesting, and improving the user experience are what you need to do to improve both the conversion rate and the bounce rate. There are several other ways to improve the conversion rates on our site too. One of these is building the trust. A visitor is more likely to make a buying choice or fulfil a call to action on the site if they trust the site and they think that it is a real business.

I use software specifically for this purpose- The TrustMogul WordPress plugin by Peter Garety and Andy Fletcher. What it basically does is put-up a trust icon- say a “verified by PayPal” icon or “verified by so and some guy” icon that makes the visitor believe that the site is legitimate. I have done a detailed review of what trust mogul is and what it can do here- trustmogul bonus. I am also offering a stunning bonus to those who would like to
buy the plugin through my affiliate link.

Getting back to our subject, another thing that you need to concentrate on is developing a good readability for your blog. This is also essential for getting a good readership. I’ve always been of the opinion that being brutally honest is the one and only way to get visitors to read your articles. Whenever you fake details they will somehow smell it out, and a tarnished reputation is very hard to change. Summarising, well researched, honest and original content that is well structured is the way to get a good readership.

Affiliate marketing is a major stream of digital marketing. Every single product out there has a long line of affiliates promoting the product for commissions. Over the years, it has grown to be a major industry in itself, and there are thousands, if not hundreds, of internet marketers who make a living through affiliate marketing alone.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now, and through the journey, i have come across a few lessons that I’d like to share with you. Many think that affiliates who earn the most commissions have some special secret tactic by which they boost conversion rates on their websites, and rank sites. There is nothing like that. The one deciding factor that decides how much you make on a promotion is the amount of time that you spend on your conversion funnel. A funnel can be anything- a website, an email opt-through or even a simple youtube video and description link.

I am not implying that you need to spend your whole life on a single conversion funnel, and you can make however money you want through that single funnel alone. The usual setup and forget about it type of strategy doesn’t work. It can never truly be a passive source of income if you are the only one handling it. You need to spend some time tweaking and improving it from time to time.

Let me get to the point. I mainly have website conversion funnels that I rank on search engines with SEO. And I do spend a good amount of time on them. Ranking the site is one thing. Getting good conversion rates is totally something else. I am going to delve into conversion rates today. There are two factors that play a huge role in conversion rates – trust and buyer instinct. The website needs to be trustworthy for the buyer to make the buying decision. I use a ton of plugins for this purpose. One of my favourites is the Trust Mogul Enterprise plugin by Peter Garety and Andy Fletcher. Get abrutally honest review of it here- Trustmogul Review. The review goes into detail on what the Trustmogul plugin can do, and also offers a stunning Trust Mogul Enetrprise bonus package for those who decide to buy it through their affiliate link. That said, you have to resort to any method possible to boost the trust of your site. People need to have that feeling that your site represents a legitimate business that they can trust.

The nest factor is buyer instinct. People are looking for ways to save money all the time. They DON’T like to spend. You have to cash in on this weakness of theirs. It is for this exact same reason that conversion rates are higher for promotions that offer discounts, and for those that have fast expiring discounts or sales. Tell people about what they are missing out on if they don’t buy it. Also use strategies like retargeting to push people more to the buying point.

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